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When you need an interpreter and you need one NOW, Effectiff puts a worldwide network of interpreters in your hands, on demand.

Go from, “We need to talk,” to talking in just minutes using phone or video interpretation.



Interpretation to Comply with Laws

Government regulation is part of the landscape, too. More and more, having an interpretation solution available round the clock is the only way to comply. (See sidebar)
Effectiff has a global network of interpreters available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because when you need one now, 9-to-5 business hours will not do.

New Technology Meets Your Needs

Effectiff uses new technologies to meet these needs. Our interpreters are available on demand, all the time.
Connect by phone or video or arrange on-site interpretation, all in just minutes. Our 5,000 interpreters cover dozens of languages with specialists in every kind of business.

It’s Your Choice

You choose the languages. You choose the time. You choose the method.
Effectiff makes it happen.

Interpretation Over the Phone, By Video or On Site

Learn more about our on-demand interpretation solutions below.

Multilingual Webmeetings

Understand and be understood in any language


  • Designed to offer you the highest quality interpreting services for all your international webmeetings.

  • Anywhere worldwide (with internet connection)

  • For any language combination

  • In just a few clicks

  • Browser based webapp

  • 12+ participants

  • Available for 1 hour or more

  • 6+ languages simultaneous

  • HQ audio and video

  • Featuring screen-sharing and messenger

  • Selective language recording

  • On laptops, smartphones or tablets


Interpretation Over the Phone, By Video or On Site

Learn more about our on-demand interpretation solutions below.


Over-The-Phone Interpretation (OPI)

Over-the-phone interpretation lets people talk with the help of an interpreter reached by phone. A Effectiff interpreter hears and translates both sides of the conversation.

Over-the-phone interpreters are available through our global on-demand network. Choose the languages you need, and connect using the Effectiff app. You pay by the minute.

The over-the-phone system reaches everywhere phones are. It works on land-line phones, smart phones, tablets and computers. It’s powerful, flexible and FAST. Connect in under 30 seconds any time, any day of the year.


Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)

Video interpretation lets you be face to face even with a world between you.


It’s the right choice when seeing is key to understanding. You don’t need special equipment. You can use any computer, smart phone or tablet with a camera.

And video interpretation using American Sign Language is ideal when your conversation includes people from the deaf and hard of hearing community.

Just start the Effectiff app and choose the language you need. Connect to our network of on-demand interpreters. Then start talking. You pay by the minute.


On-Site Interpretation

Sometimes it’s essential to have a person in the room to make the conversation go well. This is the way communication between languages has been done for centuries.

But today, you can quickly go from needing someone on site to having them there.

The Effectiff app lets you choose the language, the time, and the place. When your interpreter is on the way, you can follow their progress on a map, just as you do with a ride-sharing app.

Our 5,000 linguists specialize in diverse realms of health, law, technology, science, industry, business and defense. No matter what language you need, no matter what sector you represent, our linguists deliver.


Geared Up and Ready

Being ready for you means able to go where and when you need us. If your interpretation needs call for conference/interpreting equipment gear, we have your back.

Standard practice is to rent equipment as needed, but that can take time and be costly. We’ve got it all in-house.

From the sound-proof booths needed for big meetings to smaller units that can fit on a table top, we’re ready to go when you need us.

Nowadays, equipment is designed especially for on-site interpretation. Long-life batteries keep working when wall plugs are out of reach. The booths set up easily and quickly, even by one person. Our units can handle over 100 different language channels at once, all run by your personal technician.

The units transmit using infrared light, not radio, so the signals don’t go through walls. What’s said in your meeting stays in your meeting. Call us for your customized quote today!

We’re packed up and charged up. Just say where and when.